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Will You Get My Case Dismissed?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “Will you get my case dismissed?” At Lewis & Ashworth, PLLC, we have had tremendous success earning dismissals on both felony and misdemeanor offenses, but the likelihood of any particular case being dismissed depends upon several factors that are specific to each case. Our knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense lawyers have the experience and expertise to find any issue that could result in a dismissal and will work hard to reach that goal for you.

Two recent examples: 

A client was charged with a first-degree felony drug charge, and the prosecutors wanted to send her to prison. The police believed she and her boyfriend had kept drugs in their home, so they obtained a search warrant from a judge. They searched the home and found enough drugs to merit a first-degree felony drug charge, along with drug paraphernalia. We received a copy of the search warrant and found that the police had made a mistake in the way they wrote it. We held a hearing in which a judge agreed, and the case was dismissed. Just like that, our client went from facing serious prison time to a full dismissal.

Another client was charged with first-degree felony securities fraud. He had been the subject of a seven-year investigation into his oil and gas business, and the investigators believed he had used investor money to fund a lavish lifestyle. After battling with the prosecutors for several months, we were set for trial. The only plea offer they were willing to make was 15 years in prison. We had a hearing in which we argued to the judge that the investigators had taken too long to bring an indictment (nearly 7 years), and therefore the case should be dismissed. The judge agreed, the case was dismissed, and our client was free from charges.

How Our Firm Can Help You

There are various reasons why a dismissal may be merited, but only an attorney with the right experience and expertise will spot the issue and convince a judge that the case should be dismissed. Other reasons to dismiss the case may include an illegal traffic stop, an illegal detention, an illegal search, and many others. Whether any of these apply to your case is entirely dependent on the specific facts of your case.

Significant portions of the Bill of Rights, the Texas Constitution, and the criminal laws of the State of Texas are meant to protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes. However, those laws are meaningless unless you have an attorney who knows how those laws apply, and will carefully scrutinize your police reports, videos, and other evidence.

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