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Case Results

  • No Billed by the Grand Jury

    Endangering a Child
    A 5-month-old daughter tragically passed away in her sleep, caught between her mattress and a bed rail. Our firm presented a Grand Jury packet convincing the Grand Jury not to file charges.

  • All Charges Dismissed

    Multiple Counts of First-Degree Manufacturing & Delivery of a Controlled Substance
    Client arrested when police raided her boyfriend’s house with a search warrant and found evidence of drug dealing. We found a problem with the search warrant and successfully argued a motion to suppress.

  • Judge Dismissed all Charges

    First Degree Money Laundering and First-Degree Misapplication of Fiduciary Property
    Years-long investigation by the Texas State Securities Board resulted in multiple white-collar charges being brought against our client. We found a problem with the investigation and successfully argued a motion to dismiss.

  • Jury Returned a Verdict of Not Guilty

    Client stopped for weaving and broken tail light. BAC over .08 from blood test.

  • Case Dismissed Prior to Starting a Jury Trial

    First Degree Possession of Controlled Substance
    Client arrested after police raided his home with a search warrant and arrest multiple household members for possession of large quantities of several illegal substances.

  • Motion to Suppress Granted & Case Dismissed

    Client pulled in between barrels of a construction site on the road, stopped by officers and found to have a BAC over .08.

  • Case Dismissed

    Assault Family Violence
    Client arrested after being accused of pushing his wife into a wall.

  • Found Not Guilty by Judge

    Client hit the curb and blew his tire out, officers arrived while he and passenger are attempting to change the tire. Client admits to driving and had a breath test over 0.08.

  • Found Not Guilty by Judge

    Evading in a Motor Vehicle
    Client was asleep in his car at a red light. When approached by officers he woke up and drove away, eventually being pulled over several miles down the road.

  • Case Dismissed When Set for Jury Trial

    Client was arrested after a fight with his roommate in their house.

  • Pre-Trial Diversion Granted

    Multiple Counts of Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance
    Client stopped in his car with marijuana and multiple “edibles” containing felony levels of THC. Client was accepted into a Pre-Trial Diversion program and given one year of probation. After successfully completing that, his cases were dismissed and immediately expunged from his record.

  • Client Received Lesser Charge

    Sex Assault
    Client arrested for sexually assaulting his roommate while both were intoxicated. Client received Deferred Adjudication Probation on a lesser charge that did not require him to register as a Sex Offender.

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